David Carradine’s Sex Addiction

David Carradine’s Sex Addiction

Ken Seely, speaks to how an intervention could of ended the sex addiction that lead actor David Carradine to an early death.

Actor David Carradine’s sex addiction is discussed on Jane’s Velez’s show.

Her panel includes top addiction and intervention expert, and author of Find It and Fix It, Ken Seeley; David Carradine’s third ex-wife, Gail Jensen; and TMZ assignment reporter, Mike Walters.

The group identifies that David’s preference was bondage, which Ken Seeley identifies as potential for a diagnosable sex addiction.

Foul Play?

Was foul play a part of David Carradine’s untimely death, or was his sexual addiction responsible for asphyxiation, the autopsy-revealed reason for death?

Watch the two-part video interview to hear how David’s death could have been prevented, and how Ken Seeley works to help those who need to begin a life in recovery.




Jane:  Tonight, David Carradine’s tragic death, did his lifelong obsession
with bondage lead him down the road to an accidental death?
Mike Walter’s TMZ, what do you know?

Mike: You know what, we found out today that he actually liked to frequent
a place called Suzie’s Delight, that was near where he lived.
And an interesting thing about that obviously is that he did
have every piece of bondage that they had in the store,
including ropes, cuffs, all kinds of stuff like that. He even
had an order that he had ordered, and unfortunately never got to
pick up, including DVDs and all kinds of stuff because
unfortunately he passed away. Like you said, this is
interesting because I think it’s still on the table whether or
not this is a sexual act gone wrong, whether there’s somebody
else involved, whether it’s foul play, and I think all things
are leading towards this was a horrible accident, and of course
the life insurance stuff, whether or not this was suicide or an
accident, so I think the sex shop stuff and the shopping spree
does lead toward he liked that kind of stuff, he was into it.

Jane: Ken . . .

Mike: And, every month he visited this place.

Jane: Ken Seeley.

Ken: Yes.

Jane: You’re the interventionist, is bondage an addiction, and is it
progressive like all other addiction?

Ken: It absolutely is, Jane, and my point in all of this is I agree with
Gail, let him rest in peace. You know, if you see these type of
symptoms happening, that’s when you call in a professional like
myself regarding addiction, and with alcoholism, sex addiction .
. .

Jane: Oh wait, have you ever done a bondage intervention, seriously?

Ken: Sexual addiction, yes, I have.

Jane: Oh, really. Wow.

Ken: So . . .

Jane: So you do interventions, not just on alcohol and drugs, but you will
actually do an intervention on a sex addiction, that’s
fascinating to me.

Ken: All the time, and the only reason why people don’t hear about them,
is because they are much more private than drugs and alcohol.
They don’t want that broadcasted all over the media, so these
are private situations. But they’re illnesses that need
treatment, they’re illnesses that need medical attention. And
so the key is if you see these behaviors prior, get them the
help that they need. Get them before it gets to this point, if
that is what killed him.

Jane. And what do you think, Mike Walters, we got about 15 seconds of
all these conspiracy theory that Bruce Lee was somehow involved.

Mike: You know what . . .

Jane: The fans of Bruce Lee, he’s obviously died in 1973.

Mike: Yeah. Jane, that was in the seventies. I mean, I don’t think if
there was foul play, it’s not going to have to do with kung-Fu,
or Bruce Lee, or the movies. I think it could be they’re going
to investigate it, but that’s also why we did the story and
looked into the sex shop thing. We’re trying to figure out what
happened here.

Jane: All right.

Mike: It’s unfortunate, so we’ll figure out as soon as we can.

Jane: Got to leave it right there; thank you fabulous panel. Before we
go, here’s one for the road. The latest in the Phil Spector mug
shot collection, take a look at that. Last week he started his

To help yourself, or someone you love, stop sexual addiction, or substance abuse, contact Ken Seeley and his team at Intervention 911 at 844-230-4911.

David Carradine Sex Addiction


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