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Ken Seely, speaks to how an intervention could of ended the sex addiction that lead actor David Carradine to an early death.

Actor David Carradine’s sex addiction is discussed on Jane’s Velez’s show.

Her panel includes top addiction and intervention expert, and author of Find It and Fix It, Ken Seeley; David Carradine’s third ex-wife, Gail Jensen; and TMZ assignment reporter, Mike Walters.

The group identifies that David’s preference was bondage, which Ken Seeley identifies as potential for a diagnosable sex addiction.

Foul Play?

Was foul play a part of David Carradine’s untimely death, or was his sexual addiction responsible for asphyxiation, the autopsy-revealed reason for death?

Watch the two-part video interview to hear how David’s death could have been prevented, and how Ken Seeley works to help those who need to begin a life in recovery.

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