Ken Seeley’s HELPS Model

Rock Bottom and Recovery with HELPS

Intervention 911 helps you raise the bottom: the turning point everyone must face before they choose recovery over addiction. Don’t wait for your loved one to pay the ultimate price; let us help you identify and create a new rock bottom, allowing your loved one to fully realize the severity of their problem and seek sobriety.

Create a Rock Bottom. Move them into recovery.

Through the HELPS model, you can prevent potentially irreversible health problems that would devastate your loved one’s body. Next, you’ll compassionately create an environment with healthy boundaries and evaluate any existing legal issues. You’ll learn how you are financially supporting dysfunctional behavior, and share the ultimate gift of renewed relationships. Have hope for the future.

Intervention 911 created the HELPS model, which has proven successful in countless interventions. We examine the five areas where addiction has taken its toll:


Addiction is a physical disease, affecting the user’s body from the inside out. Consequences range from liver disease, skin abscesses, premature aging, psychiatric disorders, memory loss, central nervous system damage, and – eventually – death.


It has been proven that environmental factors strongly influence or arrest the development (and subsequent behaviors) of the addict. Are you supporting recovery or enabling addiction?


Addiction involves legal consequences ranging from DUIs, arrests, separation, divorce, and loss of child custody. More often than not, the addict will participate in illegal activities in an effort to support and maintain their habit.

Personal Finances

Addiction creates financial crisis, ranging from job termination, eviction, foreclosure, and even bankruptcy. Supporting your loved one financially by giving them money, paying their bills, or employing them can enable addiction.


Has your loved one lost faith, hope, and peace in their life? Addiction is a spiritual sickness robbing the user of spirit and soul, leaving them feeling hopeless and alone.

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Get the help you need.

By identifying consequences and implementing healthy boundaries, HELPS manually raises the rock bottom instead of waiting for the natural progression of addiction to take its toll. Call today to implement the HELPS model in your loved one’s recovery.

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