Interventions and Treatment


Financing Interventions and Treatment

Our interventions start at $4,500 plus travel.

Pricing includes all preparation and planning before the pre-intervention.  This includes verification of insurance benefits (if any) for the coverage of treatment.  The team at Intervention 911 will assist you in the selection of the center. We look at three criteria:

  1. Clinical fit. This is the most important “match”. We will ask you what is going on with your loved one including what drugs are they using, how much, past use, past treatment, co-occuring mental health issues, life functioning, age, gender and many other considerations.
  2. Financial Fit: While many people have insurance, it does not guarantee coverage for treatment. Our team will work with you to identify which facilities are able to accept your insurance and outline costs (such as copays, deductibles, etc).
  3. Geographic Fit: Identifying local or distance destinations that meet clinical and financial fit is important. Your family will be educated about the benefits and risks with local vs distance treatment.


There are many formats for interventions.  At i911, we have developed our HELPS model to use as a framework for the intervention process. Over two days, we begin with an in-person pre-intervention and follow with an in-person intervention.  There are several credentialed interventionists to choose from, including those trained directly by Ken.

After the intervention is completed, the interventionist will transport the client directly to the treatment center and conduct a direct handoff with the treatment center staff.

Our team is available by phone, email and text at all stages of the pre-intervention. We offer structured post-intervention support options, but you can always call us with any need at no additional cost.

TOLL FREE 1-866-888-4911

Verify your insurance.

The ability to pay should never get in the way of getting addiction help. Intervention 911 works with most major health insurance plans. To confirm your coverage, call our admissions specialists TOLL FREE 1-866-888-4911

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