Dual Diagnosis: Interventions for Addiction + Mental Health

What is Dual Diagnosis?

If your loved one has issues with both substance abuse and addiction, you may feel overwhelmed by the idea of staging an intervention. Often, those suffering from anxiety, depression, or other disorders may turn to drugs and alcohol to self-medicate. They believe this helps with their feelings of helplessness, despondence, or worry, but over time, we know that substance abuse can actually worsen mental health concerns. This is called dual diagnosis: a term which can refer to any combination of disorders and addictions. Intervention 911 offers dual diagnosis interventions that directly address this compound issue with care and compassion.

What to Expect During a Dual Diagnosis Intervention

Because of the complexity of dual diagnosis, it is incredibly important that the intervention process is handled by a trained professional. It can be difficult to identify these disorders because the symptoms of addiction may look very much like mental illness – alternatively, substance abuse could mask telltale signs of a disorder. Beyond this, mental health concerns left untreated increase the likelihood of relapse after treatment. This is why Intervention 911 recommends an integrated approach to address both areas of concern simultaneously.

Integrated Approach

Our highly-trained interventionists are equipped to build custom care plans that address the issue of substance abuse and the delicate nature of mental health. Interventions for dual diagnosis cases can be more complicated than straightforward addiction confrontations, and it’s recommended to work with a qualified professional to secure the best outcome for everyone involved.

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