Date(s) - 02/24/2023 - 02/27/2023
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4-Day intensive

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Ken and Eric McLaughlin-Seeley, and Caroline D. Smith’s Professionals’ 4-Day Intensive is February 24-27, 2023.

Get away with us and do more of your own work-in paradise!

Cost is $3,000 per person.

Intensive participants will work on:

  • Trauma
  • Attachment Wounds
  • Emotional Recovery
  • Self-Discovery

Intensive Workshop Overview

As the name suggests, this program is designed to help you rediscover and reclaim your authentic self.  In a safe supportive environment, participants will have the chance to reflect and focus on what brings them alive and what depletes them. With curiosity and compassion, the goal is to explore the current attachment status, level of emotional intimacy and any past self-sabotaging patterns.

In addition to Attachment Theory, Internal Family Systems, Ego State Identification, and Transactional Analysis will also be utilized.  We humans are resilient creatures and in childhood we generally find ways to adapt to stressors in our environment.  However, many of these very adaptations now sabotage our ability to create a life that truly satisfies our soul.

Because cognitive awareness alone has little impact on sustainable change, the latest findings from the field of neuroscience will be explored and integrated.  This Intensive Workshop is an individualized experience within the context of benevolent witnesses.  Relational wounding requires relational healing.

Awareness, acceptance and action will require courage.  International business leaders, high profile actors and athletes, suburban housewives, and college students have all benefited from courageously engaging in this workshop experience.   (What would take three years of weekly sessions can be accomplished in this vigorously structured and highly focused workshop.) Many of our past participants reported struggling with the following blocks to abundant living:

  • Perfectionism & Procrastination
  • People-Pleasing & External Validation Seeking
  • Loneliness & Emptiness
  • Intimacy Disorders & Sexual Compulsivity
  • Depression/Anxiety & Addictive Disorders
  • Chronic Relationship Conflict

Participants will have the opportunity to deeply explore existing subconscious patterns by completing self-discovery assessments and effective assignments.  All of this information is used clinically throughout the process.  Key manifestations of secure attachment, individuation and authentic intimacy include:

  • Unconditional Self-Acceptance (USA) & The ability to Esteem Self
  • Workable Boundaries to Protect & Contain the True Self
  • Identifying Negative Internal Scrips & Truth-Based Cortical Brain Remapping
  • Awareness & Responsibility for Personal Needs & Deep Desires
  • Emotional Awareness, Resilience & Self-Regulation

Please know that we stand with you as you discover and empower your internal therapist. Our passion is to help you notice this wise internal leader by providing support, compassion, and scientifically proven clinical interventions.  It is our sacred honor to walk with you during this time of self-discovery and life changing growth.

Where to Stay

The intensive will be located in Hawaii Kai, a neighborhood in East Honolulu.
The closest hotel is: The Kahala Hotel

The intensive is about a 15 minute drive from the Kahala hotel. Waikiki and Honolulu are about a 30 minute drive.
Air BNB’s are technically illegal for less than 30 days but you may find locations close to or in Hawaii Kai that are available.
We would recommend renting a car as Uber is not great in Hawaii Kai


Bookings are closed for this event.

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