Is a Love First Intervention a Fit for Your Family?

love first intervention

Is a Love First Intervention a Fit for Your Family?

If someone close to you is struggling with addiction, you are probably all too familiar with how exhausting and frustrating it can be to deal with. How many times have you brought up the topic of their drug or alcohol misuse, only to have the conversation turn into an ugly argument – or worse, you start off as confrontational because you have allowed your anger and tension to reach a boiling point? What if there was a more constructive way to discuss addiction with your loved one that allows you to say what’s on your mind without any blaming, finger-pointing, hostility or drama?

What Makes the Love First Method Different?

The goal of the Love First intervention model is to provide a calm, measured approach to addressing the topic of addiction with your loved one. Many families have benefited from this relatively new type of intervention because it is free of negativity or accusatory statements.

Authors and professional interventionists Jeff and Debra Jay developed the Love First concept for interventions just over a decade ago, based on the principle that it is not necessary to force or shame an addicted person into seeking treatment. In many cases, an organized and meticulously planned intervention can give the addict a renewed sense of how much their family and friends love them and have their best interests at heart.

What to Expect During a Love First Intervention

The key difference between a professionally managed intervention and one you might have attempted on your own in the past is preparation. A professional interventionist knows how to orchestrate every aspect of the conversation down to the last detail, leaving nothing to chance. The friends and family members who are participating in the meeting need to dedicate themselves to the planning process, which can often be time-intensive.

In the Love First model, each participant writes a letter to the addict ahead of time, and revises and rehearses it until it is clear, concise and compelling. At the intervention, each friend or family member will read this letter aloud, so you will need to practice this many times before the day of the event so you can read it flawlessly and calmly. In addition to writing a letter to the addicted person, you will also develop a separate document that outlines the specific consequences they will face if they refuse to seek treatment.

Would You Let Your Loved One Battle Cancer Alone?

Like heart disease, diabetes and cancer, addiction is a chronic illness. And, while there is no cure, that doesn’t mean there is no hope. Addicts can learn to manage their disease, rather than letting it take over their lives.

Think of it this way: If someone you loved received a diagnosis of cancer, you would probably do anything you could to support them and help make their lives more comfortable. Addiction is the same way. People who have this disease did not start using drugs or alcohol with the intention of becoming hopelessly addicted. It requires a strong support network to help an addicted person recover and avoid relapsing. As a close family member or friend, you can be available to lend a helping hand, a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. Your love and encouragement can make a bigger difference than you may realize.

When a Solution Won’t Wait

Don’t put your family’s health and happiness at risk any longer. Contact the Intervention 911 team to schedule a professionally managed intervention for the addicted person you care about. By encouraging your loved one to admit their need to seek help, you are not only preserving your peace of mind, but improving the balance and harmony within your family and saving the life of someone you care about most.

At Intervention 911, our nationally recognized and accredited team offers a wide range of specialized intervention services that help families heal from the devastating effects of addiction. Call us to learn more about next steps for the addicted person in your life.

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