To The Moms

To The Moms

To The Moms:

I stood in the doctor’s office. His office was part of the treatment facility I had been working for at the time. I wanted him to come with me immediately however he said he had to finish some paperwork.

“Did you even look at her? Does she even look like she can drive? She can’t stop shaking. Her eyes are almost swollen shut from crying. She hasn’t slept in days and just lost her job because of all this! She won’t even talk to me and I have been talking to her on the phone for months! Most of her family won’t even speak to her anymore because they are sick of hearing about it. It looks like she hasn’t brushed her hair in days and I highly doubt if she has eaten anything at all for at least a week. I can’t just let her wait there like this. She has nobody. You have to do something! You have to at least go talk to her and reassure her. She is a so scared and so sick! Please just go look at her!”

“I saw her, she is an absolute mess. I’m not disagreeing with you but you really need to calm down. I’ll see her in an hour. That is unless you think she could be in immediate danger?” was his non-urgent reply.

“Yes, I think she is in danger and I would really appreciate it if you would go talk to her now!”

He was clearly irritated however got up from his desk and walked with me across the street to my office. He opened the door and went directly over to the 22 year old Heroin addict I was admitting for treatment that was texting on her phone.

Before he had a chance to say a word to the young lady I realized the mistake I had made. I whispered to him:

“Not her…. she will be fine.” I pointed to the girl’s mother sitting with the crumpled Kleenex in her hand across the room.

“Its her I’m worried about. The mom, please go talk to her.”

If nobody else understands, we do. Call today.

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