Are you or a loved one an alcoholic or addict?

Are you or a loved one an alcoholic or addict?

Answer as many questions as you can. If your answer is yes, take a moment to reflect on the question and write out a thoughtful answer or a specific time this has happened.  These questions help with Step One of any drug or alcohol fellowship program. 

     1. Have you ever decided to stop drinking for a short time, but only lasted for a couple days?

Maybe you’ve had a time when you were just fed up with drinking or using drugs “recreationally.” You tried to quit, poured out bottles or deleted a drug dealer’s number only to be back using or drinking just hours or days later.

     2. Did you ever go back on a promise or a commitment due to drugs or alcohol?

Maybe it was a date and you were too intoxicated to make the drive. Or you missed a commitment because you couldn’t hold a conversation or look people in the eye.

     3. Have you ever switched from one kind of drink or substance to another in the hope that this would keep you from overdoing it?

Maybe it was switching from liquor to beer, or just trying to enjoy alcohol without buying and taking a drug. Do you have any failed attempts at controlling your substance use by switching substances, only to find you still become overly intoxicated?

     4. Has your drinking caused trouble with family or friends?

Have you ever felt embarrassed or shameful from your drinking or using? Have you isolated from family or friends because you were often too intoxicated to spend time with them or felt they “knew” and were judging you and talking behind your back? Are there times you’ve had more severe trouble with family and friends?

      5. Have you had any problems that you thought everyone had at some time in there life? Have you been sentenced with one or multiple DUI’s, ever been thrown in jail for being drunk in public, or ever been late on bills or owed people money when you knew you were spending money on drugs or alcohol?

      6. If you use drugs or alcohol frequently, do you ever feel lonely or suicidal?

      7. Do you feel life would be better if you stopped drinking or using?

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