The Dangers Of Denial

The Dangers Of Denial

Denial: The Dangerous Enabler Of Addiction To Drugs And Alcohol

Founder of Intervention 911, Ken Seeley identifies the number one symptom that indicates the disease of addiction: denial.

People die because they, and their families, do not believe they are “not that bad” or “not that sick.”

Enabling an addict and codependency of family members and other loved ones, contribute to the disease of addiction and the rate at which addicts overdose, and die.

Ken and his team at Intervention 911 help you identify your role in the addict’s life, and how you can intervene to stop the use of drugs and alcohol by someone you love.

Recovery is possible for everyone! Watch now to see how Ken Seeley can help you!

Dangers Of Denial:

Denial is the number one symptom for this disease. It kills millions of people. Every single day people die because of their denial believing they’re not that bad. They don’t believe that they are that sick and because of that, they end up overdosing and dying.

The other reason is the family members. In the years of experience that we have in this, the denial of the family. that they’re going to get better, things will get better if we just do this, this, or this. That denial enables the disease to stay alive. It is especially important to attack the disease early, providing a teen intervention can be a life saving measure.

Co-dependency kills more people than the disease itself. Addicts are dying because the co-dependents don’t know how to intervene. Pick up the phone, let us help you understand if you are in that place. Are you contributing to their recovery or are you contributing to the disease of addiction.

Let us help you decipher where that line in the sand is and to take action to no longer be in denial to fight this disease. Let us work together as a team to make that happen and save your loved one’s life. Let’s break down those walls of denial and get them into recovery and get you into recovery.

Dangers Of Denial

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