Ken Seeley Interview About Jeff Conway

Ken Seeley Interview About Jeff Conway

With the best interest of Jeff Conway at heart, a panel discusses his drug and alcohol addiction on Jane Velez’s show on HLN.

Ken Seeley, top-rated interventionist and founder of Intervention 911, chimes in on Jeff’s case, discussing how he does not seem to be winning his battle with addiction.

Ken believes there are steps Jeff can take to get well, but that he does not feel Jeff has experienced enough consequences to stop using.

Contact Ken Seeley and his team at Intervention 911 at 844-230-4911 to find out how you can get help for yourself or an addicted loved one.

Watch now to see what addicts like Jeff Conway need in order to give up a life of addiction for a life of recovery.

Jane Velez: It isn’t a good sign when a professional like Dr. Drew is begging him to get help and… You can’t help anyone who doesn’t want to help themselves. Again, I say this only because I wish Jeff the best and I really pondered in my heart should do this story but maybe this is something that Jeff needs. Jeff, if you are watching, we all want the best for you. I don’t sense that anybody here is not on your side. Ken Seeley, what do you think? Do you think listening to his voice that he’s sober?

Ken Seeley: Yeah, no, Jane and it doesn’t sound like he’s sober at all. What’s heart-breaking here is, as we all know, no addict ever stopped using without consequences and he just hasn’t hit that rock bottom. He hasn’t felt enough consequences and for the people and Vicky that love him, please, let’s create consequences that are going to mean something to him so he’ll surrender to this recovery process that he desperately needs; because he’s dying. This disease is winning.

Jane Velez: Yeah and such a talented actor; such a handsome guy. I always looked up to him.

Speaker 2: I absolutely agree with that.

Jane Velez: I just was like, always looking up to him since I was a kid.

Speaker 2: I always, I always looked up to him. Me too.

Jane Velez: Check out my new book “Addict Nation” available at


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