An Introduction to Ken Seeley

An Introduction to Ken Seeley

Meet Ken Seeley: Top-Rated interventionist for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Expert intervention and founder of Intervention 911, Ken Seeley explains why he is passionate about helping addicts recover from drug and alcohol abuse.

Ken shares his personal experience with addiction, intervention, and recovery to express his true understanding of how to best treat substance-abusing individuals.

Through his participation on the A&E show, Intervention, and his mission with Intervention 911, Ken Seeley strives to help as many people as possible gain sobriety so they can work toward long-term recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Watch now to find out how Ken and his team at Intervention 911 can help!

Contact Intervention 911 at 844-230-4911 for help with the addict in your life!

Video Transcript:

Hi. I’m Ken Seely, founder of Intervention 911. A lot of people out there don’t believe that the intervention process works. I’m here to tell you that I am a product of an intervention. In 1989, my employers sat me down and intervened on me and because of that, today, I am still clean and sober. I’m proud to be a member of recovery and be a part of the treatment process today and educating people all over the world on how to intervene.

I started this company because I realized that there’s millions of people out there that are suffering from some form of an addiction and not only are they suffering but the addict with the disease of this addiction also have the ripple effect that affect the people that love them and it’s not fair. It’s not acceptable when there’s treatment and recovery for them. And
so we’ve come up with different ways to help identify people where they’re at and get them to the point of recovery and help them through the continuum care so they can obtain long term recovery and that’s really what’s important; having that better life for everyone involved with that addict, everyone with that dysfunctional behavior.

Some of the steps that I’ve taken to accomplish that is I’m a member of AIS: Association of Intervention Specialists. I’m also board registered as an interventionist; BRI, level number two. I was able to participate for four years with the A&E reality show, Intervention.

It was a great opportunity for me. Millions of people are being helped because of that show and it was such an honor and such a privilege to be able to do that. Now, today, we are working with helping many family members, like yourself, guiding them into treatment and I feel honored and I feel privileged to be able to be a part of this team of Intervention 911.

Introduction To Ken Seeley

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