Ken Seeley On The Jeremy Kyle Show ‘Give Up The Heroin’

Ken Seeley On The Jeremy Kyle Show ‘Give Up The Heroin’

Top interventionist, Ken Seeley, assists in a heroin intervention on The Jeremy Kyle Show

Ken Seeley helps Jeremy Kyle and a young heroin addict’s family stage a live intervention for a soon-to-be-dad.

Ken, founder of Intervention 911, a company that assists families in intervening to help loved ones decide to go to treatment, tells the young addict that he will do everything in his power to protect the heroin addict’s pregnant girlfriend, which includes having the him arrested.

Ken and Jeremy confront the young man, walk him out back the show’s studio, and give him a choice, right on the spot: either he gets in a waiting car and goes to treatment in Arizona, or he walks down the street and gets arrested.

Rehab or jail? What will this man choose? Will he give up his heroin use?

Watch now to see Ken Seeley in action!

Contact Ken and his team at Intervention 911 at 844-230-4911 to help the addict in your life!

Video Transcript:

Host: It frustrates me so much. What do you do with this Janet?

Janet: Well it’s the nature of addiction, and the drug has taken over his brain and is more important than unfortunately everyone at this stage. But luckily for you, you said now is not the time for rehab, now is the time and we are fortunate to have Ken Seeley, a noted interventionist who is here to help you.

Host: Ken, welcome. Really, really appreciate you being here. I have so much respect for you. I just get frustrated, Ken.

Ken Seeley: Yeah. It’s heartbreaking, it’s heartbreaking to watch the dynamics of the disease just tearing apart the whole family system. And you’re just so far in denial it’s heartbreaking. And you don’t get it. You don’t get it that your dad’s back there tearing his heart apart and your wife is sitting there tearing her heart apart and you don’t get it. And you’re not ready, but I’m telling you what, if they’re ready to get help now, I will support them because heroin is illegal. I will support them to do everything in my power to make sure you’re in jail or treatment.

Host: You know what? You have an unborn child. You have, by the way, an amazing family. Come with me a sec. Come with me. I’ll show you something. Come with me. I watch these shows over the year and people go, “Oh, we’re going to help you change your life.” You can’t help anybody change their life unless they want to do it. OK? And that’s the absolute truth.

I’m not wasting my time. I will do everything to protect that baby in that lady. You have got a problem. And that car over there will take you and get you to Arizona like that. Look at her face. Now, you can do what Ken said and walk up the street. You walk up that street you’re on your own, and I’m with him. I’m going to make sure your backside is in jail quicker than you can say jack. And if you think we’re lying; watch me. But if you have an ounce of integrity, because he’s going, and he’s never had this opportunity in his life. He is going to rehab. Do you want to go to rehab?

Man: I don’t want to go right now, but I’m open to go to rehab.

Host: You’ve got one choice my friend. You get in that car with Mike, or you can walk that way. And trust me, trust me this would be the biggest mistake of your life. Do you want to go up the street? Go on. Go up the street because nobody wants you. Get in the car or get up the street. I’m a busy man.

Give Up The Heroin

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