Britney Spears Intervention

Britney Spears Intervention

Britney Spears and her public incidents are discussed by a panel of experts, which includes addiction interventionist Ken Seeley.

Erica Hill talks with top rated interventionist Ken Seeley, and celebrity attorney, Ryan Smith, among others.

The topic: Britney Spears Intervention.

Remember her hospitalization in 2010? Ken identifies the main problem Britney has been facing, and what her family needs to do to help her get well.

What would Ken Seeley do if he were involved in an intervention for Britney? How would he help the Spears family conduct an intervention to get Britney into treatment?

Watch now to see what Ken Seeley, Erica Hill, Ryan Smith, celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton, and Extra Correspondent, Carlos Diaz think about Britney Spears and her ability to make lifestyle changes to keep her kids.

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Video Transcript:

Erica Hill: Welcome back to Prime News. I am Erica Hill. We just don’t know what to make of Britney Spear’s strange and sad trip to the hospital last night after what is being called a three hour stand off with cops. What provoked her to supposedly hold her children hostage when it was time to return them to their father, Kevin Federline? These are some images you’re looking at actually from last night’s event. In one of them you can even see Britney’s leg is in a restraint. Caught in the middle of this dangerous situation, two innocent boys. Here to help us understand what may have brought Britney to this point, and what happens next, an elite panel of guest. Joining us, Kevin Seeley, an interventionist. He can also be seen on the A and E show Intervention. Also with us, celebrity attorney, Ryan Smith. Gentlemen, good to have you both with us.

I want to start with you, Ken. When you look at this. Now, we have to preface, we don’t know what exactly brought Britney to this point, but if you look at her history, there is no doubt this woman is leading a troubled life. As an outsider, what do you make of this?

Kevin Seeley: Well, it’s denial, denial, denial. That’s what’s going on. It doesn’t matter if it’s mental illness, if it’s drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling, eating disorder, she is going through denial. What needs to happen is her family has to step up to the plate, that’s the bottom line. If she’s going through the denial, as the number one symptom of disease for the addiction and mental illness than the family has to break down that wall of denial. What we do as interventionists is we assist the families in doing that.

Erica: What would you do specifically in this case? If you’re leading that intervention for Britney Spears, to save this young woman, what do you do?

Kevin: The family really needs to contact a profession because we would guide them. What I would do personally, for her, I would have them go to the doctor’s and say “Please do not let my daughter out of here. You can see by her example from the past, that she is in danger to herself and to others. If you let her out of here, I am going to hold you responsible because she exhibited all this behavior for so long. Please help us save her life. She needs to be properly medicated. She needs to be properly diagnosed. Please do what is necessary.”

Erica: I was going to say but legally, and I want to bring Ryan in on this point. Legally, Ryan, can you do that? Can you say to a hospital, don’t let my adult child leave?

Ryan Smith: It depends on the circumstances. I am not sure in this situation they can say, you definitely have to hold her for as long as you say we can hold her. There are a lot of different legal mechanisms you need to go through. If this is what we call a 5150 that means that she is a danger to herself, she’s a danger to others, that means the hospital will hold her for a minimum of 72 hours. But if it’s simply a medical evaluation, they will evaluate her and they will let her go. The family can, as your other guest was saying, the family can put her in another hospital, pay for her to stay there, try to put her in another type of institution and say look, we need to have her committed for a certain period of time. I doubt that will happen here because the families inability to influence her so far and she’s not a minor. She’s a 26 year old person and it’s not as if you can say, well her actions are completely outside the realm of reason-ability. You see, the thing is here, she was carted away. She had a break-down. If I am her lawyer, maybe defending her on this, trying to come back, I’m saying divorce and custody battles are difficult things. People have troubles. She got overly emotional. They took the precautions they had to. They took her to the hospital. She had an evaluation, she’s back. As long as she is complying with a lot of the other things in her orders, than let’s go forward with the hearing.

Erica: So then based on what you are saying, I was going to ask you if this custody issue was now a slam dunk for Federline, but it sounds like you would say no.

Ryan: Well, Federline’s got a great case because you look at the best interest of the child. If there’s a mental defect. If there is harm possibilities for the children, than you do have great case. So I think his case has gotten a lot better, but it’s not over till it’s over with Britney because her lawyer can still say, has she been participating in her drug test? Has she been found to have done drugs or alcohol or anything like that? If she hasn’t, if she’s complying with her parenting counselor, if she’s doing her other things, other than the depositions, than the custody hearings will probably go on. She might lose some temporary rights, but I don’t’ know if I can say right now, that she’ll definitely have them taken away.

Erica: I want to bring in right now celebrity blogger Perez Hilton,who is with us on the phone. Perez, I know you cover Britney and you sort of have your foot in two camps here because you see all of the celebs but you also see all the paparazzi. We’ve heard so much what that can do to you. Do you think in some way all of this attention from both the media and paparazzi has driven Britney to a breaking point?

Perez Hilton: Not at all. Britney Spears loves the attention. If she really didn’t want to deal with it, there are many things she could do to get away from all that attention. She chooses to be in the middle of it. In fact, she’s having a relationship with a paparazzo.

Erica: Is it true that she would sometimes she would call paparazzi and tell them where she was going?

Perez: I don’t know if she does that herself but she has a very special relationship with many photo agencies. It’s even been alleged that she gets parts of profits from sales of exclusive
pictures and everything.

Erica: When you’ve seen her, Perez, when you’ve seen her out, what is her behavior like?

Perez: Well she hasn’t been going out to clubs that much anymore, which is a good thing. Instead, she’s just kind of been roaming around Los Angeles behaving very erratically. Going out really late at night, acting up in front of the paparazzi, craving that attention, trying to behave even crazier than normal to get more attention. I think that this is her final cry for help. Britney has been speaking to us and her family for awhile now and it took this extreme incident to hopefully change her life.

Erica: You mentioned you’ve been speaking with Britney and her family, have you heard from them since she was taken away on a stretcher?

Perez: Well, her father is with her now while she is being evaluated. The brother, Brian,her older brother, is on the way there. The mother Lynn has released a statement, just asking people to pray for Britney.

Erica: Carlos Diaz from Extra, we’ve actually got you up now. We tried to get you up with us a little earlier. Carlos, what have you heard in terms of any new details as to what Britney may in fact be treated for?

Carlos Diaz: As far as what she is being treated for, she’s under 24 hours surveillance right now at the hospital. You always have to wonder, is that surveillance because she is on suicide watch or is that because of the controlled substance that was supposed to be in her system last night. We don’t know what she is being treated for right now, but we do know she is still at Cedar Sinai Medical Center.

Erica: Perez Hilton just brought up that her mother, Lynn Spears, had asking for people’e prayers. They have actually been somewhat estranged, Britney and her family, has that contributed at all to any of the behavior we’ve seen?

Carlos: I think that’s putting the cart before the horse. I think that she is estranged from her family because she doesn’t like to be told what to do and that’s an exact example of what happened last night. She was told to give the kids back or at least Jayden James back. She didn’t want to give Jayden James back and then of course [??] and Kaplan had to be pulled in and this and that. Britney has never been one, at least in the last few years, to be ordered around. It’s getting really quickly to the point where the courts are going to start ordering her around and if she doesn’t comply, then there is going to be sanctions taken against her.

Erica: Could be scary. Ryan Smith, I got to ask you real quickly. Yesterday, we spoke and I asked you, as an attorney, if would you represent Britney? You said yes at the time. Do you stand
by that today?

Ryan: I would still represent her. It depends on a lot of different factors. I don’t think that based on what we know, we necessarily are looking at case that she cannot win. I think that there is a lot more to find out here. Is she complying with her other court orders? Is everything else Okay with the house? Has she been going to the parenting coach? Passing random drug
tests? If those things are happening, it’s not necessarily a slam dunk just yet. It’s not just a stretch to say that a lot of people would represent her.

Erica: Okay, we’re going to continue to follow this as well. Ryan Smith, Ken Seeley, Carlos Diaz, Perez Hilton, thank you all for your input tonight.

Britney Spears Intervention

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