Marketing Opportunities For Recovery

Marketing Opportunities For Recovery

Marketing opportunities can help expand the number of addicts that Intervention 911 helps get into recovery.

The team at Intervention 911 strives to get the message out that recovery is possible for every addict.

Communicating to the public is an important part of Intervention 911’s mission: getting people well. The process starts with an intervention to get the addict or alcoholic to stop using or drinking.

The company seeks partnership for the best possible marketing efforts to assist the most families and loved ones help others get clean and sober.

Watch now to hear how you can help!

Contact the team at Intervention 911, 844-230-4911, for more information on marketing opportunities for recovery!

Video Transcript:

We at Intervention 911 are always looking for new avenues to get the message out there; that there is help for those people who are suffering. As you can see, we pride ourselves in being able to communicate with the public and demonstrate that intervention is the beginning of the process to dealing with issues of drug and alcohol abuse with families.

If you are in the field and are interested in partnering together with Intervention 911 to bring this message out there, we welcome the opportunity to work with you. We’re always looking for new ways to be able to connect to people and tell them that there is hope and that the solution starts here.

Marketing Opportunities For Recovery

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