Explanation Of An Intervention

Explanation Of An Intervention

Intervention expert Ken Seeley provides an explanation of an intervention that can help save your addicted loved one.

Every addict or alcoholic who gets into treatment, and stays sober long-term, has hit some sort of intervention.

When an addict does not naturally reach an intervention, family members should step in and intervene with love.

Top interventionist and founder of Intervention 911, Ken Seeley, explains how to best help someone who has been abusing drugs and alcohol. He and his team will assist you in understanding how a rock bottom can be created to get your loved one into a rehab program that will save his or her life.

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Video Transcript:

The intervention process is necessary for every single person with long term recovery. Anybody that enters into recovery, have hit some form of an intervention. Every one of us have to hit that, and break that cycle with an intervention. Some of them are natural, and of them are raised through the support and love of a family.

The statistics are that 25 million American are out there suffering from the disease of addiction right now, and only 3% to 5% of them seek treatment a year. So we need to help these people raise their rock bottom and get them into recovery.

We need to help them. Help them and assist them to feel the discomfort that gets them into recovery. And that’s really what an intervention is. Every single one of us have to hit a rock bottom. The problem with that is, how do you identify a rock bottom, if you do not know the definition of a rock bottom? With the years of experience, and the professionals that we work
with within our organization, we’ve come up with a solution to identify a rock bottom that spells out H.E.L.P.S.

We have a brochure, if you’d like us to send it to you please call us. We’d love to send you the definition of a rock bottom. We’d love to explain it to you and your loved ones, because we all need to hit that rock bottom in order to get into treatment, to get into recovery. And that’s the beginning stage. That’s the intervention process, is in a loving, respectful, manner,
create a rock bottom, turn it into a reality, and get your loved one into treatment.

Explanation Of An Intervention

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