Explanation Of Flexible Financing For Patients

Explanation Of Flexible Financing For Patients

The cost of rehab or an intervention shouldn’t stop you from seeking drug and alcohol treatment. Flexible financing is available from Intervention 911.

Intervention 911 will make sure you get the drug and alcohol treatment you need, regardless of your financial situation.

The staff at Intervention 911, lead by top interventionist, Ken Seeley, encourages you to not let the cost get in your way of seeking drug and alcohol rehab programs for yourself or a loved one.

If you are worried about someone who is abusing drugs and alcohol, you may need to stage an intervention to get your loved one to listen. Ken Seeley specializes in helping families communicate with the addict, both during an intervention, and while in treatment.

Intervention 911 will help you determine what is best for you and your family, and will work with your financial situation to make it happen.

Take action now to help your loved one, no matter the cost! Call Intervention 911 Today At 844-230-4911!

Watch now to learn about flexible financing for rehab patients:

Video Transcript:

If you’re concerned about the availability of funds for either intervention or treatment, then I would encourage you to not let that hinder you from reaching out to help.

Intervention 911’s coordinators are specially trained to examine with you opportunities to either find funding for both the intervention and treatment process. We will work with you and exhaust all resources to be able to do so.

Don’t let finances be a barrier to getting help. Even if you can’t afford an intervention or treatment, our coordinators will work with you, to find something in your means, or to find some kind of assistance for you to be able to get that help to start the recovery process. Please call now.

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