Ken Seeley on The Jeremy Kyle Show

Ken Seeley on The Jeremy Kyle Show

Ken Steely and Jeremy Kyle stage a live intervention to save a cocaine addicted husband and father.

Ken Seeley, top drug and alcohol interventionist, makes an appearance on The Jeremy Kyle show to help a family struggling with addiction.

Ken expresses his expertise by saying that the wife of a man addicted to cocaine is addicted TO him, and without appropriate treatment for each of them, the cycle of addiction will continue for them as a family.

Ken Seeley assists Jeremy Kyle in walking the couple out back of the show studio where a car i waiting to take the husband to drug and alcohol rehab. The team has signed the man up for a 28-day program in California.

As the man starts to bring up excuses as to why he cannot leave right on the spot, Ken puts the husband’s wife into perspective. Treatment is needed so that he can be the husband and father that his wife and four children need.

To save your addicted loved one, contact Ken Seeley and Intervention 911 now at 844-230-4911.

Will he go to treatment?

Watch now to see the man’s reaction to Ken Seeley’s input:

Video Transcript:

Drug use and the absences have to stop.

Jeremy Kyle: Janet. I mean she’s worked so hard here. Tell Michael with Ken Seeley, well-known interventionist. Ken, lovely to see you again. Tell them what you

Janet: Well, Mike if you are serious about dealing with your cocaine dependence and changing your life, we have Ken Seeley, a noted interventionist who is here to talk to you today.

Ken Seeley: Yeah, Palm Partners Treatment Center in Delray Beach, Florida will treat if you want that and you want to change, but if you do, you need to go to Alanon. Because he’s not going to get better. If you don’t go to Al-anon and get the help you need and start a 12-step program, you’re addicted to him. Bottom line, you’re addicted to him. He could get off the drugs, but
if you’re still going to be addicted to him, he’s going to come back and he’s going to go back on the drugs.

Janet: Yeah, I mean, I’ll admit… He’s got his problem and I’m dealing with this for four years. You can’t trust anything. It’s just to the point where he walks out of the house and I’m
so scared that something is going to happen to him.

Jeremy Kyle: Michael…

Jeremy Kyle: Scared?

Michael: I want the best.

Jeremy Kyle: Let me show you something. Let me show you something. Let me show you how to be a father, a better dad. Come over here a minute. Yes, you can. You guys come with me. Your
dad’s important, right?


Jeremy Kyle: Let me show you something. Come this way. How important is being a good dad?

Michael: It’s the greatest thing in the world.

Jeremy Kyle: Really?

Michael: Yes.

Jeremy Kyle: Would you do anything for your kids?

Michael: Yes.

Jeremy Kyle: Would you take a bullet?

Michael: Yes.

Jeremy Kyle: You’d lay down in front of a car that was about to hit one of your kids?

Michael: Yes.

Jeremy Kyle: You’d give up anything and everything for your kids?

Michael: Yes.

Jeremy Kyle: And for your wife?

Michael: Yes.

Jeremy Kyle: Nothing in the world would phase you for your kids?

Michael: No.

Jeremy Kyle: Have a look through there. What do you see?

Michael: A car.

Unknown: Come with me my friend. Let’s go.

Michael: Right now?

Jeremy Kyle: Yes. This is it. Absolutely right now.

Michael: I can’t leave my kids like this.

Janet: Mike, you have to leave your kids if you

Michael: I promised I’d be home tonight.

Janet: You know what Mike, I can…

Michael: If I can go home, pack some clothes and say goodbye to my kids and they

Jeremy Kyle: Nope. No. It will be done and I don’t know… If I’m speaking out of turn, Ken will tell me. Is there any chance during the time he’s in rehab to see his children, yes or no?

Ken Seeley: Oh yeah, you can bring the kids down there.

Jeremy Kyle: She will bring the kids to see you. We will arrange that.

Michael: That’s 2000 miles.

Jeremy Kyle: Look at me, look at me. Look at me. Just come here. I’ve got four kids as well. Look at me. Look at me. I actually believe you can do this. Yeah, 28 days is horrific and horrible, but 28 days for the rest of your life, 28 days that will mean that you don’t put her through this. You’re actually getting me for the first time in seven years. Your kids will have the dad they deserve. It’s a car journey and a plane journey and it’s life changing and you can do this. Let me tell you this, right. Let me tell you this. You know men go to war,
right now? Afghanistan, wherever. Men get on ships and go for six months. This is 28 days, at which point you could change your whole life.

Michael: If this is what you want, I’ll do it.

Nice job.

Jeremy Kyle: Go and get in that car. Say goodbye to your wife.
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