Patient Monitoring Importance

Patient Monitoring Importance

Accountability through drug and alcohol screening provides monitoring needed to continue a life in recovery.

Is there an addict in your life who you only want to help?

Do you feel that the responsibility of keeping your family member clean and sober falls on you?

Ken Seeley, founder of Intervention 911 and experienced interventionist, addresses the importance of addict monitoring during early recovery in this video, and offers his company’s services.

The role of bad guy can be delegated. A trained professional will monitor your loved one for you, checking for sobriety through appropriate means at the time. Randomized drug and alcohol screens at a licensed facility provides peace of mind for you and your family.

The team at Intervention 911 can help. Call now to find out more 844-230-4911 and keep your loved one clean and sober!

Watch this video on the importance of patient monitoring:

Video Transcript:
Monitoring is so important in early recovery. It is proven with high license professionals, drug courts, that accountability with drug screening and alcohol screening is a huge contributor for long term recovery. So let us help find a location in your area. Let us start that process. Instead of you being the supervisor in the family dynamics, wondering if they’re clean and sober, let the labs tell us if they’re testing clean with their random testing. Let us help you monitor your loved one in those early stages of recovery.

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