What Could Have Prevented Whitney Houston’s Death

What Could Have Prevented Whitney Houston’s Death

Top rated interventionist Ken Seeley reveals what could have prevented Whitney Houston’s drug-related death.

Interventionist Ken Seeley offers his viewpoint on the tragic death of singer Whitney Houston. Ken answers the tough questions: Who is to blame for a situation like Whitney’s? What was the missing link that to Whitney Houston’s drug-related death?

Whitney told Oprah Winfrey about her experiences in drug rehab, but according to Ken, Whitney, Oprah, Whitney’s mother, and the greater part of the world’s population, do not truly understand the reality of addiction and what it takes to sustain a life in recovery.

The truth about addiction

  • How to help those who have been to rehab sustain recovery
  • What addicts really need from their loved ones
  • What Whitney Houston’s mother could have done to save her daughter
  • How an intervention is most successful
  • Why rehab, or other forms of treatment, are not enough to keep someone clean and sober long-term

Save your alcohol or drug addicted loved or from a tragic ending like Whitney Houston’s!
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Video Transcript:

I know it’s been recent in the media, and everybody’s been watching the death of Whitney Houston, and it’s just so, so heartbreaking; because I blame that on us as the people who work in the field of addiction medicine. Because Whitney’s mother, I don’t know them personally, I never worked with the family, I never worked with her, but what I do know is what everybody else knows. As you watch the interview on the Oprah special, where Whitney was saying that she was an addict that went through treatment and recovery but she could have a glass of wine every once in a while. And anybody that works in the field of addiction medicine knows if you’re an addict and you’re diagnosed with an addiction, you cannot have a glass of wine, you cannot do that. And so for her to be able to say that on national TV, admit to it, shame on us.

Shame on us as a medical community, as medical educators on addiction medicine, to not really challenge that. To say, “No, that’s not true, you cannot do that, Whitney.” And I feel so heartbroken for her mother, and her family, and her daughter. Because Whitney’s mother did everything possible; she did everything possible. She intervened and Whitney talked about that
on that Oprah special and how her mother intervened and everything that she did to fight to save her daughters’ life. And the only missing link in that process was that she didn’t know that when you do an intervention, it’s not only about getting the person to treatment, but it’s getting them to stay in recovery. That consequence that she talked about in that interview, of showing up with two police officers, and showing up with a court order saying that if you do not seek treatment, I’m taking your daughter with me, and I’m going public that you’re a drug addict, and that needed to be the consequence for her to carry out in long-term recovery.

Not Just For Immediate Interventions

It’s not just for that immediate intervention; it’s about her following the protocol that the doctors and the lawyers and the pilots and all the high-licensed professionals follow. You know, they follow a protocol for five to ten years that gives them that 80% to 90% success rate; you know, that’s where the missing link is. Why didn’t we give the mother the information she needed to hold that boundary firm? It’s just heartbreaking, it’s just so sad. But don’t let Whitney’s death be in vain; if somebody needs treatment and recovery, they cannot have a glass of wine, they cannot have a little bit of drugs, they can not do prescription meds, they can’t do mind altering substances, period, unless if it’s monitored by one doctor.

One doctor. Not doctor shopping and getting medication like we see all over the news like these celebrities are doing, and other people, your loved ones are doing, no. One doctor is prescribing and that’s it. And they understand that your loved one is an addict. And they suffer from the disease of addiction and not to over-prescribe. I think that’s where we really screwed up, and it’s so sad and it’s so heartbreaking that we lost somebody that is so talented and so world-renowned, and incredible, with that love in her heart. It’s just so sad. But don’t let her death be in vain. If you have a loved one that suffers from addiction, make sure that you know that a glass of wine is not OK. And make sure that you know that treatment is not the end-all; it’s about long-term accountability, and holding that consequence for three to five years. If they are not going to be in recovery, you need to come back and reinforce that consequence. And that’s what helps save people’s lives.

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