Brooke’s Intervention

Brooke’s Intervention

Interventionist Ken Seeley helps convince Brooke, a young prescription drug addict, to attend rehab for prescription drug addiction as seen on A&E’s Intervention.

Brooke, a young woman who has chronic physical pain, has become addicted to the prescription drugs that originally managed her level of pain. She has agreed to be filmed for a documentary that is actually the show Intervention on A&E. Her family members and friends have prepared what they would each like to say to Brooke, with the goal of getting Brooke to agree to participate in a substance abuse rehab treatment program.

Helping Brooke Manage

Brooke’s fear is palpable. She is afraid of what will happen to her if she cannot have the prescription drugs pills to minimize her pain. Her family reassures her, with love and compassion, that no one wants her to be in pain. No one is taking away her painkillers. Instead, those who love her most need to help her find help so that people who know how to can help manage Brooke’s pain.

Ken Seeley serves as the first step in seeking help to save Brooke’s life. He has assisted the family in staging an intervention. Ken encouraged each person to share his or her emotions candidly during the intervention so that Brooke could feel the love and hope her family has for her.

Ken Has Been There Himself

The video shows Ken’s obvious emotional investment in this young addict’s well being. He uses his own experience and years of work in the field of substance abuse treatment to help the family guide Brooke toward her own decision to participate in formal drug treatment.

Ken has also assisted the famitheir understanding that addiction is a family disease, and that for Brooke to continue to get better, each person involved also needs help. Counseling and formal treatment are recommended to all family members and other loved ones of addicts and alcoholics.

Video Transcript

Ken: I just want to introduce myself, I’m Ken, Okay.

Dad: Shake his hand.

Ken: Come on, it’s Okay. Can you look at me?

Brooke: This is an intervention. I don’t want to do this.

Listen to me. An intervention, all that amounts to honey, is we’re going to tell you how important you are to us. Okay?

Ken: They each wrote a little something down, to just tell you in another way how much they love you. They’re just going to read it.

Female speaker: I miss you I miss being with you, and I miss that sparkle, and life in your eyes. When you became sick, it became my mission to find out what’s wrong with you. I couldn’t stand to watch you suffer, and know that there wasn’t anything I could do to help you. Brooke, I’m begging you to get help. I’ve lost you to prescription drugs, and I want you back.

Ken: Let dad do his letter now.

Dad: Okay. Brooker, I think you know how much I love you. I also think that you know I’ll do anything within my power, to help improve your quality of life. I know you’ve got to have your pain medicine. Nobody’s going to take it away from you, but the program you’re on right now baby, it isn’t working.

Brooke: I’m really confused.

Ken: The purpose is to help you get out of pain, and to feel better.

Dad: He’s taken 8,000 people just like you.

Brooke: And did what? Did what with them?

Dad: He got them to where they could control their pain.

Ken: You know you can’t keep doing this. You don’t want to die, and lose this family.

Brooke: I’ll go.

Female speaker: You’ll go?

Dad: Thank God baby.

Female speaker: Thank God, Brooke, thank God. [crying] I love you. I love you, I love you.

Brooke: Why haven’t you told me in so long. I missed you.

Female speaker: Oh, baby, I’m sorry. We have a lot of work ahead of us, a lot of issues we’re going to have to work through, a lot of counseling as a family, as a whole family.

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Brooke's Intervention

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