Sober Companion Recommended For Early Recovery

Sober Companion Recommended For Early Recovery

Ken Seeley of Intervention 911 stresses the importance of a sober companion for an addict or alcoholic trying to stay clean and sober in the early stages of recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Ken Seeley introduces the importance of arranged physical transportation to and from treatment, court appearances, family functions, and any other place outside of the home the individual needs to go, because the addict or alcoholic is most likely to relapse when consistency and accountability are not in place.

The initial trip from the rehab treatment center where the addict or alcoholic has lived for an extended period of time to the next place the addict will live is long and difficult. Fear, anticipation, and even anxiety can be triggering the person to throw away the stint of sobriety her or she has at that point in exchange for the perceived pleasure that drugs and alcohol would provide them in that uncomfortable moment.

Time Between Events Is Key

Instead of driving from a cousin’s birthday party and back to a sober living house, for example,  a person in the early stages of recovery may go to drink or use. It may be the perfect unsupervised time to relapse. The time between events is the most likely time for the addict or alcoholic to slip back into old habits and patterns of behaviors.

Ken Seeley states that having a sober companion who drives, or at least accompanies, the early-recovery addict or alcoholic to and from all external events can prevent the chance of an impulsive decision to go use instead of continuing home, or getting on with the plan for the rest of that day.

Early recovery is all about taking sobriety one day at a time. Each new day is a reset of sorts; a new twenty-four hour period in which the individual must make small decisions all day to stay clean and sober. Many triggers will be presented, and there are always reasons floating around in his or her head to go drink and use. A part of every addict’s and alcoholic’s brain will always want to use and drink, there is no way around that. The work is made slightly easier when systems are in place that help the person continue to make good choices throughout each day.

The Role Of A Sober Companion

A sober companion, who will escort your loved one to and from all events and obligations, provides one more step to keep him or her sober. The safety of the person in early recovery is paramount, and with the assistance of a member from the team at Intervention 911, you can further insure the sobriety of your friend or family member.

Ken Seeley and the rest of the Intervention 911 team want to assist you. They want your loved one to stay clean and sober too. Find out how you can best help the addict or alcoholic in your life who is in early recovery. With the assistance of i911 staff, you can put a system in place that decreases the newly sober person’s likelihood of relapse.

Video Transcript:

In early recovery we realize that transporting and escorting your loved one back and forth to treatment or into treatment at the very beginning is so crucial and so important for their safety. In early recovery we realize that people have a high tendency of relapse. So on their way home or on their way to go to a court appearance or a family function, we know that they may need that assistance. We’re here to help you with that. We have those services here with Intervention 911. Let us show you how to do that.

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