There Is No Quick Fix For Addiction

There Is No Quick Fix For Addiction

WPDE Highlights Ken’s Speech On Addiction

Millions of people in our country unfortunately struggle with addiction and their is no quick fix for addiction. Recently Ken Seeley, intervention and addiction specialist spoke to a group at Horry Georgetown Technical College. WPDE News Channel 15 reports on Ken’s appearance.

Ken Seeley: I would drive home drunk, and I would take acid and meth . . .

Reporter: Thursday night Ken Seeley, from the show “Intervention,” shared his story with this crowd at an auditorium in Horry Georgetown Tech’s Conway Campus. He began by detailing his past substance abuse.

Ken Seeley: “I wasn’t ready to get sober. I didn’t want to get sober. I was going to placate the system, is why I went to treatment on my intervention. So it really does work. You just got to figure out what the motivators are for the people.

Reporter: Now sober for more than two decades, Seeley helps others get clean, and says his involvement with the show helps educate America to what addiction is really like and how they can help someone they know.

Ken Seeley: They think that they have to wait until the rock bottom naturally progresses, and you don’t have to wait. You could create the rock bottom.

Man: I’ve put this together for the greater good. It’s a way to give something back from what was given to me.

Reporter: Seeley says addiction is a disease and needs to be monitored, like diabetes or cancer.

Ken Seeley: It’s not a 30 day fix. You’re not going to go to treatment, and you’re not going to get cured from this disease. It’s a process, and the longer you’re engaged in that process, the better chances for the outcome.”

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No Quick Fix For Addiction

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