Eric McLaughlin, ASW, MSW, CCMI-M, CIP
CEO, Interventionist

In December 2016, Eric graduated from USC School of Social work with his MSW degree.  Eric’s commitment remains strong to developing advanced clinical training to help meet the complex needs of clients served at Intervention 911 and Ken Seeley Rehab.  Eric provides services to clients as an intervention specialist, as well as serving group and individual counseling and ongoing support to clients that seek long term recovery solutions.  Eric is also the CEO for Ken Seeley Rehab and with his team helps to ensure that clients receive appropriate care for their addiction and mental health needs.

It is this commitment to excellent customer service that makes Eric an outstanding fit with Ken Seeley Rehab. As Eric says in his own words,  ‘I am excited to be able to use my talents to help Ken Seeley Rehab to provide services to those in need. This means working with clients and often their families who are facing making an attempt at lasting recovery.”  Eric understands the challenges some families face and sincerely hopes he has the opportunity to help anyone who reaches out to Ken Seeley Rehab.

Eric brings over 15 years of management skills to Ken Seeley Rehab and has had a positive impact on the service level of the company on all levels. A well-run organization always has background players and Eric is one of the often unseen players who maintain the reputation of Intervention911 and Ken Seeley Communities as we continue to grow.