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Heather Fisher

Heather Fisher, CADC, IS, CCMi


Heather is board certified in three clinical specialties; intervention, family dynamics and long-term, continued care case management. She advocates for children, adolescents and adults and is well versed in working with the high profile population. “Addiction doesn’t recognize status and suffering silently is undeserving and unnecessary. I work thoughtfully and meticulously towards preserving anonymity and a well built reputation. Help should not be at the expense of notoriety.” She is knowledgeable in chemical addiction as well as process addictions such as eating disorders, spending, gambling, gaming, technology, sex and love and pornography. She works with cultural diversity, gender diversity and dual-diagnosis clients and easily integrates into treatment teams within inpatient, outpatient and sober living settings.

Heather successfully facilitated her first intervention over twelve years ago and in addition, has acquired over 30,000 hours in addiction studies and training, obtaining numerous credentials. She is certified to facilitate faith-based 12 Step meetings for youth and has established numerous Alateen meetings, a popular and safe peer support group for children who have been affected by their loved one’s alcohol and drug abuse. In 2014 she advocated and successfully piloted the first AA and Alateen adolescent meetings on campus, during school hours, in the Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD). This success quickly led to multiple on campus meetings throughout SUSD. In 2015 she was asked to join the Arizona Governor’s Youth Commission, speaking on behalf of Governor Duecy on the topic of addiction in the family.

She is certified and facilitates cognitive-based SMART recovery, trauma based Seeking Safety, CBT-I for insomnia, Law and Ethics Standards and court-ordered Anger Management courses. She is an internationally credentialed Substance Use Disorder Counselor and Case Manager through IC&RC. She is a credentialed Intervention Specialist through CCAPP, CADC and will soon earn a CCMI certification through the Breining Institute.

Heather believes that it’s not just about getting someone into treatment. It’s about getting the family back on the same page. “I am an effective solution; a neutral third party who will guide the entire family out of denial and resistance and into recovery. Together we will develop a unique treatment plan that best matches the individual and their family. This means assurance of the best client-to-treatment match, less chance of avoiding high failure probability, losing valuable traction to relapse, and the revolving door of multiple readmits. When the entire family makes changes, the chance of recovery also changes.”

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