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Don James


Don James CADCII, NCACII, CATC is the Owner/Clinical Director for Hope Now Recovery, LLC and previous Program Director for the Las Vegas Rescue Mission, Center for Addiction Medicine, Fresh Start, and Choices (Drug Court). Don is the 2018 recipient of the Foundation for Recovery’s life time achievement Robert Rehmar Professional Award for his direct contribution to the field of recovery and mental health. Don is also the recipient of a 2018 Top Substance Abuse Counselor Award for the state of Nevada.

Don has received degrees in Alcohol & Drug Studies and Counseling & Mental Health from California State University of Fullerton. Don has over 14 years of counseling experience working with both adults and adolescents in residential and out-patient behavioral health facilities. Don believes in treating the whole person using a family, spiritual and person centered approach. He is also certain that everyone can find the answers they are searching for and become productive, active, and self-sufficient members of society. He is convinced that interventions are not only for the person struggling with addiction, and other issues but for their entire family. He believes that offering support to the families is vital in helping them gain the tools necessary to live healthy lives by setting boundaries and ending all enabling behaviors to reduce the negative effects suffered by their loved ones. Don is a proven professional and remains steadfast in the counseling and substance abuse treatment field.  His superior motivational and leadership skills are prevalent throughout his many years of experience.

Program Director-Las Vegas Rescue Mission, Las Vegas, NV

Owner/ Clinical Supervisor-Hope Now Recovery, LLC, Las Vegas, NV

Clinical Supervisor-Center for Addiction Medicine, Las Vegas NV

Clinical Supervisor-Addiction Recovery Center, Las Vegas, NV

Clinical Director-Start Fresh Recovery, Las Vegas, NV

Counselor-Shadow Hills Church, Las Vegas, NV

Family Programs Manager-Choices Group, Las Vegas, NV

Extended Care Director/Dual Diagnosis Manger-Spencer Recovery Center, Orange County, CA

Chemical Dependency Counselor- Action Family Counseling, Orange County, CA

Don’s mission is to help the individual and their loved ones to receive the best treatment possible and get their lives back on track.  Aside from providing services that are cutting edge, impressive and comprehensive, he is passionate about spending quality time with his two beautiful children, Landon and Chloe.  Don is most definitely an outdoor enthusiast. He enjoys activities such as snowboarding, boating and attending various sporting events.

Don had dedicated his life to the individual suffering from addiction and their loved ones affected by this horrible disease helping them get their lives back on track becoming mentally, emotionally and physically healthy.

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