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Get Intervention Help Today

Intervention 911 is a world leader in offering intervention services at affordable prices, founded by Ken Seeley of A&E’s show Intervention.

Our alcohol intervention, drug intervention or behavioral intervention is a proven way to start the healing process and get a loved one, friend or coworker the timely help they need.

Our intervention programs are known to have a high success rate, and are proven ways to start the healing process.

Our professional interventionists are trained to break down denial and bring in reality, thereby leading the way to start the recovery process.

Call now for an intervention consultation.
TOLL-FREE 1-866-352-3911

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Founder Ken Seeley of A&E’s Emmy Award Winning Show Intervention

TOLL FREE 1-844-230-4911

Call now for a drug intervention consultation

Intervention 911 has highly qualified intervention specialists who can show you how. If you think a valued employee in your work place has a problem and you would like to discuss how Intervention 911 can help, call us today. The call is free.

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