Crystal Meth

Ephedrine and hydriotic acid are two primary components of methamphetamine prepared in clandestine “kitchens” across the nation. The recent decision by the FDA to eliminate ephedrine products in the US will likely force the already secret meth labs further underground. Methamphetamine is speed: a stimulant that promotes excitation and stimulation almost unilaterally throughout the body.

Crack is to cocaine what crystal meth is to methamphetamine: a frighteningly more powerful and concentrated version of the principal psychoactive compound. Crystal drug users are typically referred to as “tweakers.” A tweaker is a methamphetamine addict who has not slept in days. Paranoia is common and alcohol or other depressants promote the user’s negative feelings and perception of danger.

One use of crystal meth can result in an entire month of symptoms and side effects related to the drug’s presence and withdrawal. Unlike other narcotics, whose tolerance can be overcome with additional dosing, no amount of meth will return the user to the initial euphoria of the first dose. This irreconcilable craving produces a frustration and drive that makes meth users typically predatory and extremely dangerous.

Methamphetamine Abuse

Abuse of crystal meth specifically means the self-inflicted maltreatment, injury, or damage to one’s person with methamphetamines. This includes the physical body of the addict and the social and/or financial harm that will affect this same “natural person” within society. It includes the family, friends, coworkers and congregation members who are likely victims and/or enablers of the addict’s abusive behavior.

Crystal Meth Addiction Intervention

Beyond abuse, addiction and dependency are a potential mix of the physiological need for crystal meth and psychological or behavioral need for self medication with crystal meth. Ultimately the addict has to desire to be free of their drive for the drug and/or its effects. Unfortunately, a great deal of damage – if not death – is far more likely than an addict seeking addiction treatment on their own.

Crystal Meth Addiction Intervention

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