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WHY ATTEND INTERVENTION 911 (Ken Seeley & Eric McLaughlin’s CCMI (Certified Case Management & Intervention) Trainings?

ken seeleyCase Management through CCMI takes a similar long-term monitoring/case management approach that physician and other licensed healthcare professional monitoring programs have taken for years. For example, Physician Health Programs in the U.S. for many years have obtained 75-90% success in long term recovery in their physician participants. Leading addiction, intervention, and case management experts with over 30 years experience, Ken Seeley and Eric McLaughlin, offer 5 training modules for you to earn the CCMI certification.

Ken and Eric are trying to bring that 5 year case management approach that has been so successful for licensed healthcare professionals in maintaining long term recovery to the general public who is struggling with Substance Use Disorder, Process Addictions, and Mental Health issues.

These physicians in these monitoring programs have personal and professional motivators, and consequences (being reported to their medical board and losing their medical license, and/or losing their families). These 5-year monitoring programs help physicians to maintain recovery until their personal drive to maintain life-long recovery develops. Ken and Eric provide intervention and case management techniques not just for the loved one, but also for their family members, so everybody is working on the side of recovery.

The five training modules (125 hours/CE Credits) teach techniques on interventions and case management for loved ones struggling with SUD/Dual Diagnosis, Process Addictions (Eating Disorders and Sex/Love Addiction etc.), and Primary Mental Health issues like chronic depression, and Neuropsychiatric Disorders like OCD.

Who should attend?

Therapists, Treatment Center/BH Hospital staff, Interventionists, Recovery Coaches, and other Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Professionals including Process Addiction Professionals (ED, SLAA, etc.)


During Covid-19, you can attend all 5 trainings online.  (125 hours/CEs). Unlike before where you had to pay for travel costs, you can do 5/5 trainings in the comfort of your own home or office. If you are a Social Worker, Psychologist, MFT, LPC, LCDC, or Other Addiction Professional just wanting to attend 1 training for pre-board approved 25CEs through APA (American Psychological Association and ASBW (Association of Social Work Boards Approved Continuing Education (ACE) Program, you can attend solely for the education and 25CE credits. Each training provides also a minimum of 2 ethics credits. Mod 3 offers a minimum of 5 ethics credits.

Also, as a Certified Case Manager and Interventionist (CCMI), and be among the first in the country to bill insurance for case management. Continuing Education hours are good for two certifications

Certified Case Managers & Interventionist (CCMI)

The Certified Case Manager Interventionist (CCMI) Credential demonstrates advanced knowledge and skills necessary to initiate and support the recovery process from the very beginning of recovery through long-term wellness.

Please refer to the CCMI website for the requirements to become a CCMI-i.

Click here for more information for the CCMI credential

Certified Intervention Professional (CIP)

The Certified Intervention Professional credential is for professionals who have the primary role of facilitation and participating in substance use interventions. Intervention professionals guide families, friends and others through an intervention process were the substance user is encouraged to accept help. The CIP is not a marketer or recruiter for a treatment facility; rather they are a front-line professional who is directly engaging an individual and family to help guide them to treatment and is a part of the recovery team.

Click here for more information for the CIP Credential

Sponsorship/National Sponsorship opportunities available for Online and In-Person Trainings

*Includes signage and 15-minute presentation of your treatment center/treatment center network’s services at the trainings(s)

*Reach 30-125 of the country’s most well-connected professionals/new potential referral sources. Trainings that include on-line attendees have higher attendance.

*Instant national brand recognition

*Your logo and tag line included in Social Media Posts on Trainings

*Your logo and tagline are included in 2-3 eblasts to our 50K National Professional Database.

*If 1 of your staff go through all 5 trainings, Ken and Eric will teach you how to bill insurance for case management, providing your treatment center clients who are discharging further support.

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