How to Stage an Intervention

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do alcohol intervention and professional drug interventions work?
A. The intervention process is extremely effective in getting an addicted person into an appropriate drug intervention program where they will get the help they need.

Q. How do alcohol interventions and drug interventions work?
A. The intervention process begins when friends, family and/or coworkers, with the help of an experienced interventionist, coordinate efforts in attempt to persuade an addict to accept professional help. Letters are written, boundaries are established, consequences are set, and the intervention is rehearsed. All possible responses and scenarios are discussed and rehearsed.
The next step of the intervention process is the actual intervention, which is most effectively orchestrated by a professional. The loved one is confronted with the letters and overwhelming love of their friends and family. They are told about his or her chemical dependence and how it is affecting everyone’s lives. They are given the choice to accept the love and help being provided or take the consequences. An executive intervention or other family intervention addressing other addictions will be customized by the crisis interventionist.

Q. How do we start the intervention process and get our loved one into a good treatment center?
A. Call our toll free number at the top of the screen to make an appointment with one of our interventionist. We will discuss whether the intervention process is appropriate for your situation. If so, we will explain the steps that the family and friends will need to take in order to start the process and make the intervention successful.

Q. How do we know if our loved one is an addict?
A. Take our online assessment quiz. If you answer yes to more than two or three of the questions, then you should call us to discuss the situation in greater detail.

Q. Will this process help change our loved one’s life?
A. A successful intervention will change everybody’s life, and it may help save the life of the addict.

Q. What areas do you work in?
A. Ken Seeley and our drug and alcohol intervention specialists work nationwide!

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