Ken Seeley Receives A Star On The Palm Springs Walk Of Stars

Interventionist Ken Seeley receives a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars for his hard work helping addicts get sober.

Ken Seeley’s hard work and dedication to saving addicts from a life, and death, of drugs and alcohol, has earned him a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars.

Intervening in the lives of drug and alcohol abusers has been Ken Seeley’s life work. He credits his own ability to get clean and sober to an intervention when he was actively substance abusing.

Ken has reached millions of addicts through his work on A&E’s Intervention, and through the business he founded: Intervention 911.

The star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars signifies Ken’s success in a field for which he is most passionate.

Ken continues to help family members intervene to stop loved ones from living a life of drug and alcohol addiction.

Watch now to see Ken accept the Walk of Stars honor!

Ken Seeley Palm Springs

For help with an intervention, contact Ken Seeley and his team at 866-888-4911!

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