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Mark von Tschirshcky

Mark von Tschirschky

Mark von Tschirschky


Mark’s start in the intervention industry began in 1996 with a law enforcement agency in the Atlanta area, where he worked with the public every day. In 2001, Mark was promoted to the rank of detective and assigned to the criminal investigations division, narcotics unit. Shortly thereafter, Mark received the distinction of being selected as a member of the United States Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Task Force.

While detached to the DEA as a Federally Deputized Task Force Agent, Mark participated in the initiation, planning, coordination, and execution of investigations into high level drug trafficking and drug manufacturing organizations in United States. Mark received advanced training, becoming proficient in tactics, undercover investigations, covert surveillance techniques, drug trends and culture. Additionally, Mark was assigned to the DEA Clandestine Methamphetamine and MDMA Laboratory Response Team. As a narcotics agent Mark saw first-hand the strain that substance abuse and mental health disorders have on individuals and their families.

In 2002 Mark began assisting local clinicians and their clientele, quickly expanding into the national market. He is a certified recovery specialist, has been trained in various intervention methodologies, and is recognized as an industry leader in complicated high-risk domestic and international cases. Throughout his 17 years in the recovery industry, Mark has worked closely with some of the most well-known and respected mental health/addiction specialists in America today. Since 2002, Mark has assisted over 1500 individuals and families as they transition into treatment and recovery.

Mark has been fortunate to have formed a unique niche within the recovery services industry, where he is frequently called upon to work closely with high net worth/high profile clientele whose situation often presents with specific challenges, requirements, needs, and considerations unique to that demographic.

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