Ken Seeley,

Our family wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being there for us. From the first moment we spoke you on the phone we had a feeling that your intervention was the answer that our family had been looking for . We had tried on our own unsuccessfully to convince our loved on to seek help, and were optomistic when you told us you were 98% successful. We put our hopes in you and we were tremendously relieved when the intervention went so smoothly. You truly intervened and led us through the process in such a loving , nonthreatening way, and we were all surprised when only a few hours later you were taking our loved one to seek treatment. That was only a few short weeks ago but we feel that day when you helped us changed our lives forever. We all thank you so much.

Mission Viejo, Ca

Dear Ken Seeley,

What my intervention was to me was "my moment of clarity." It made me realize how many people were being hurt.....To me that meant a lot. My stay here at treatment is an experience that I never will forget. I have met people that I always will have a special place in my heart. It works if you make it.

- Steven -
Anchorage, Alaska

Dear Ken Seeley,

I pray that the treatment goes as well as the intervention.

I was very impressed with the way you do your job and the confidence you extend to the family and friends that the intervention is going to work.

This, I feel, was the only way we would have gotten John there. You knew just what to say to him. I could not belive the way he calmed down and listened to you right from the start. You have my deepest appreciation.


Dayton, Ohio

Dear Ken Seeley,

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much we appreciated your quick response to our need on July 15th. We were so glad that we had called and talked to you on the previous day. The instructions you gave us for the intervention were simple yet they worked well. It was hard to imagine them working when you first gave them to us. But work they did! By following your instructions, we were able to catch our son when he was most receptive to the intervention plan. Had I listened to my maternal instinct, and waited to let him get two or three days sleep first it would have failed. He would have been rested up and ready to hit the road again and not willing to listen to anything. Thanks to your clear and concise directions, we knew exactly what to do and when to do it. I would urge anyone to follow your instructions to the "T", it makes everything go so much smoother.

I could not have asked for the intervention you did for us to go any better. You were completely right on target when you said that the best time to intervene was when he first came home and wanted to sleep. These days are typically on Tuesday and Wednesday, and they are the best days to intervene on the deadly habits of addicts. Things went so smooth that I could breathe a sigh of relief within minutes after the intervention started. This was beyond my expectations when I first talked with you, but your plan really works and we are forever grateful.

Thanks again,

Nashville, Tennessee

The nightmare of drug abuse isn't only with the addict but also with the family and friends of the addict. Ken Seeley and Kim were a welcome breath of hope tempered with caution and experience. Kim with compassion and experience talked to my husband and I for as long as we wanted about how the program works and left the decision entirely in our hands to think about and decide what we would do then she turned us over to Ken.

Ken continued the conversation with compassion, hope, caution and hard facts about how this could be done. The entire decision making time was left up to us but he was ready to act immediately; we never felt pressured to send money right now or it would be too late. Being business people and living so far away, this would have made us cautious.

The intervention had to be done without us there because of time and travel restraints, but two of John's friends were able to pull it off without a hitch; keeping us informed all the way. Ken seemed to know how anxious we were for information and he called several times even to the point of saying " I'm outside the motel and waiting for his two friends to show up. Oh, here they are now. I'll call in a few minutes." The compassionate and professional phone-call explaining they were with John right then and asking us to read our letters. John was not happy at this point, but thanks to Ken and John's friends, he agreed to go.

John's father and I had the best nights sleep we have had in four years, and I can recommend Ken & Kim to anyone, and I tell everyone how compassionate they are. WE were a family with no hope, and now thanks to Ken we are a family with hope and an optimistic outlook for the future.

Linda San Francisco, CA

Ken Seeley,

I want to thank you personally for rescuing my precious 18 year old son from himself, or rather from the throws of his addiction. It is not possible to put into words how beautiful and profound this experience was for all involved. As my 23 year old daughter put it "it was a deeply spiritual experience, that can't be described".

All my preconceived notions of what an intervention would be like were quickly dispelled. It was not confrontational or accusatory. There was no yelling or finger pointing. It was a gentle, loving gathering of dear friends and loved ones who had the same goal... to save this poor suffering child before it was too late.

My husband and I hoped that out patient therapy would help him. It made him worse. The education was accurate but living in the same environment were his addiction prospered made his recovery impossible. He became conflicted and guilt ridden and only abused more.

I would never have believed that he would willingly go to an in-patient facility. He was adamant that we would never see him again if we tried to force him. He was always a stubborn child but his addiction had made him more willful and filled with rage.

If not for your intervention we would still be living in the hell that had become our daily lives. Ken, your gentle manner and expertise resulted in what I view as a miracle. You thoroughly prepared all participants for every possible scenario. Although the intervention appeared casual and impromptu it was perfectly orchestrated for a positive outcome. The genuine outpouring of love could only result in touching the heart and soul of this boy we all love so deeply. When he left us with a sense of peace and relief it was the best day of my life.

We know he has a long road ahead of him. We remain hopeful that his recovery is lasting. However, the joy it has given all of us to be proactive in saving his life will forever give us peace.

Janice S.