gal130409112956Intervention 911 Team

There is no place for blame, judgment, criticism, or anger in a drug or alcohol intervention. We know that “ambush” style interventions do not work. Our expert interventionists have years of experience getting people to seek the treatment they desperately need. The remarkable success rates of our intervention specialists are the result of our well-grounded belief/philosophy that the only way to reach and addict and permeate their unrelenting denial is through compassion, love and overwhelming support by those who are most important to them.

Our family intervention specialists are some of the best and most compassionate in the industry. We have a 98% success rate in getting addicts into our highly effective treatment centers. Please click on an image below to read more about the members of the Intervention 911 team. If you have questions regarding the intervention process or you feel your loved one would benefit from time spent with an interventionist contact us immediately, 1-866-888-4911!



Ken Seeley, CIP, BRI II, RAS

Ken Seeley has remained involved, professionally and personally, in recovery since 1989. He applies his relevant experience and boundless enthusiasm to profoundly change the lives … more »



Eric McLaughlin, CIP, RASi
Chief Executive Officer

The business of Intervention 911 is to bring the light of recovery into the dark world of the drinker and substance abuser through the thoughtful guidance of highly trained interve… more »



Donna Chavous, CIP, BRI-I

Donna Chavous entered the recovery community in 1995 kicking and screaming not wanting to change her life. She was introduced to recovery through an Intervention by friends, fam… more »



Danny Jenkins
Intervention Specialist

At the heart of Intervention 911 are the interventionists. These are the men and women on the front lines making a difference face to face. An interventionist is the person in char… more »



Mark Worthington, MRAS
Recovery Coach

Mark has been working in the field of addictions and psychological disorders for 5 years. He has helped people from the ages of 15 to 75 that suffer from addiction as well as co-oc… more »



Steven Richitt
Admissions Manager

Steven started his own journey with Recovery in 2009 after attending treatment. He realized that if he wanted a chance at life and what Recovery had to offer he needed to “let go of… more »



Carol Traylor
Life Skills Coach